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Armenian Fonts
Section contains 20 Armenian Fonts (for Windows) available for download. To install them a) download preferred fonts file   b) unzip it into temporary folder   c) copy unzipped files into system's fonts folder (c:\windows\fonts of c:\winnt\fonts). You will need to restart your computer.

Name Preview Reg. Bold Italic Bld, It  
Arial AM Arial AM Yes Yes No No download
Courier AM Courier AM Yes Yes No No download
Arial Armenian Arial Armenian Yes No No No download
ArTarumian Africkian ArTarumian Africkian Yes No No No download
ArTarumian Anpuit ArTarumian Anpuit Yes No No No download
ArTarumian Bakhum ArTarumian Bakhum Yes No No No download
ArTarumian Erevan ArTarumian Erevan Yes No No No download
ArTarumian Govazd ArTarumian Govazd No No Yes No download
ArTarumian GrqiNor ArTarumian GrqiNor Yes Yes Yes Yes download
ArTarumian Hamagumar ArTarumian Hamagumar Yes No No No download
ArTarumian Handes ArTarumian Handes Yes No No No download
ArTarumian Pastar ArTarumian Pastar Yes No No No download
ArmFrankenstein ArmFrankenstein Yes No No No download
ArmMariGold ArmMariGold Yes No No No download
ArmOld ArmOld Yes No No No download
ArmUmbrella ArmUmbrella Yes No No No download
ArmMatura ArmMatura Yes No No No download
ArmModern ArmModern Yes No No No download
Arm Scool Arm Scool Yes Yes Yes Yes download
Arm Omega Arm Omega Yes No No No download

You may also download all these fonts in one file:    
Download all fonts
961 Kb

Keyboard Drivers
For Armenian Keyboard Driver I can recommend using driver included in ArmNLS (Armenian National Language Support). ArmNLS is freeware Windows application, which includes keyboard driver, two very good screen optimized fonts from Ruben Tarumian (see first two rows in the fonts table above) and Armenian Time Zone. One of the main features of ArmNLS is that is tunes up some most popular Web Browsers and E-mail Clients to handle Armenian correctly.

Download it from here. For additional information about this product please visit ArmNLS's Official Web Site.

Time Zone
You probably saw that there is no Armenian Time Zone in Windows 95/98/NT among of other time zones (there are Baku and Tbilisi but not Yerevan). To fix this bug, I wrote small registry entry which adds Armenian Time Zone with automatic DST (daylight saving time) to Windows (it is included in ArmNLS as well). The starting date of DST period in Armenia is last Sunday of March at 2:00AM (becomes GMT+5), and the ending date is last Sunday of October at 3:00AM. Windows automatically adjusts your system clock during this period to reflect these changes.

1. Download corresponding file: Windows 95/98 owners click here, Windows NT owners click here.

2. unzip file to any temporary folder and run unzipped file (double click on it). That's all (you can delete unzipped file as well as downloaded file). Now your Windows has Armenian Time Zone among of other Time Zones and if you want you can change Time Zone of your computer to Armenian one. To do that you have to

open Control Panel -> Date/Time, click "Time Zone", find the following string in the list of time zones:

(GMT+04:00) Yerevan, Armenia

check the "Automatically adjust clock for daylight saving changes" option, and click Ok.

Armenian Time Zone

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